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Watching YouTube videos, playing music at your personal website or checking out music forums is great, but nothing compares to collaborating and playing together with other music artists. That can be really fun and satisfying experience, regardless of whether you want to form an own band or just jam with likeminded people. Keep in mind that meeting other artists online, sharing experiences, and playing together can lead you become a much better music artist yourself. Today you have many options when it comes to where you can find other music artists online and the following are some of the top ones.

Social Media

            Considering that Facebook is the biggest social network with billions of active users worldwide, finding great musicians to connect with should not be that hard. There are thousands of groups to join in, so make a small research and you will surely find some great music artists to connect with. You can use dating sites online such as Tinder and search categories for musicians. There are also forum boards such as Dirty Usernames. This forum board allows members to share their username with others in the same interest.


            This is a great place to find music artists, bands, music stores, studios, venues and anything else you are interested in. There are tens of thousands of members at this site, most of them from South America, but there is also a growing community in USA and Europe.


            Most members at this site are located in New York, but they are spreading all across US. There is a unique matching system at their app where preference is given to those artists that are active and provide good music content. At Hendrix you can connect not only with music artists but with venues as well. Sometimes they organize meet-ups on locations in USA, which is good way to meet with other independent musicians.


            Jamseek is ideal online spot for music beginners and artists that are seeking to make a breakthrough on the musical scene. Here you can find musicians and hobbyists to connect, learn, and jam with. It is really fun place to meet other music artists, but you should know that over half of their members are from London, UK. Their search function is great as you can filter people by age, genre, musical instrument they play, and distance from you.


            With a community of over three hundred thousand users, Musolist is one of the biggest online spots for meeting music artists. They have members from all continents with which you can connect, arrange a meet-up, and practice together.

Where to Meet Other Musicians Online