Hi, I am a guitarist, composer & guitar teacher. I designed the contents of this guitar learning software. Over several years I have had hundreds of students ranging from 5 to 65 years of age. All these students have helped me to identify possible problems and mistakes with learning how to play the guitar and so enabled me to find an optimal approach to teaching the guitar to a beginner.

Over the years I have discovered more and more the brilliant opportunities we now have in the digital field with regard to teaching. Together with a former student – Friedemann Baumgaertel – I began to design a multimedia software that would allow anyone to learn how to play the guitar. The feedback we have received so far shows that this was a great idea and that our software has helped many people so far to enjoy making music. No matter whether you want to become a famous guitar player or you just want to be able to play for yourself – the first steps are always the most important ones. 

Gitarrero Beginner is the perfect way to ensure that you gain a firm basis for all further guitar knowledge.

Yours truly,

Gitarrero 4 Beginners